Team Liaison

Important: Please note that in Dalhousie no-one on the team can enter the facility until the Team Liaison is at the door.


In Campbellton, the Team Liaison's role is limited as the facility has an employee at the door. The outlined responsibilities are to be followed in Dalhousie Inch Arran Ice Palace.

  1. Become familiar with the HNB's Return to Hockey Guidelines (see below), especially section 4 of the document.
  2. Ensure that everyone affiliated with your team (players, parents/guardians, grand-parents, oncles/aunts, etc.) when arriving at the arena is fully vaccinated by:
    • Checking their proof of vaccination; and
    • Adding them to your vaccination checklist (see below for fillable PDF template from HNB).
  3. Anyone arriving late at the door or after a game has started has to check-in with their team liaison. 
  4. During games, ensure that visiting team's liaison has their vaccination checklist available and/or checking the vaccination status of anyone affiliated with their team. 
  5. Make sure that everyone affiliated with your team is following the facility's operational plan guidelines.
  6. Check the policies for other facilities and inform the team manager of any important information.

Important notes

  • Once you have check someone's proof of vaccination, you do not need to do it again once you have added them in your vaccination checklist.
  • You must be able to produce the vaccination checklist at any time for public health officials during inspections.

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