Team Liaison

We want to start by thanking everyone for taking on this important role for your team.

The appointment of a ‘Team Liaison’ is the responsibility of the individual team. While we recommend to appoint a dedicated person to the position, it can be filled by an already existing member of the coaching staff such as a the team's trainer or manager.


  1. Become familiar with the Association's Operational Plan and check for any updates.
  2. Communicate important information to the team regarding any changes to the Operational Plan.
  3. Be responsible for team contact tracing. See Contact Tracing section below for detailed information and form. In order to ensure proper contact tracing, no other member in your team is allowed in the building before the you.
  4. During home games, make sure you get the visiting team's contact tracing sheet and to include officials and timekeepers in your contact tracing document.
  5. Obtain operational plan when visiting other facilities and communicate important information to parents and coaching staff for away games. See listing of operational plans below.
  6. Make sure that the coaching staff and parents follow the Cleaning and Disinfecting guidelines of the Operational Place (Section 3) after each activity.
  7. Ensure that parents are aware of the directives regarding what to do in case a player is not feeling well and the steps that should be taken by the team. See Appendix B of the Operational Plan.
  8. Take the Hockey Canada "Planning a Safe Return to Hockey" online course.
  9. Maintain communication with the Association’s COVID-19 Response Director (Annie Thériault) if you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed.

Dalhousie Inch Arran Ice Palace

Please note that in Dalhousie rink staff will only unlock the front doors 20 minutes prior to your event and it is up to you to control access until your event's start time. 

Contact Tracing Responsibilities

Contact Tracing involves a few steps that you need to become familiar with:

  1. Be the first member of your team in the building. No other member of your team is allowed to enter before you are ready at the door.
  2. Get members to immediately sanitize their hands upon entering the building.
  3. Screening questionnaire (Download):
    • Orange phase: active screening must be done which means that all questions in the screening questionnaire must be asked to participants entering the building (Appendix D).
    • Yellow Phase: ensure self-screening questionnaires are completed for all participants prior to any team activity (Appendix D).
  4. Collect contact information for all players, spectators and volunteers who are associated with each team activity (ie: practices, games, team building activities, etc) by using the form below.
  5. During home games, make sure you get the visiting team's contact tracing sheet and to include officials and timekeepers in your contact tracing document.
  6. Take a picture of the contact tracing form
  7. Place the contact tracing form in the drop-off box of the facility.

Contact Tracing Form

Download this fillable PDF Form. Once on your computer you can enter the names of your team members and coaching staff to facilitate contact tracing during your team activities.

Important Points To Remember

  • Ensure that the parents/players respect the instructions regarding arrival to the rink and dressing guidelines.
  • Ensure that the parents/players respect the time spent in the dressing room, before and after the scheduled activity.
  • Remind the parents/players that Masks are required in dressing rooms by everyone at all times.
  • It will be your responsibility to ensure Players wash their hands before and after ice session. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance of the arena. Everyone is required to sanitize their hands in order to enter.
  • Players are to have a labelled water bottle and use only that water bottle.
  • Hockey equipment, including sticks and pucks, should be cleaned after each practice and game. Pucks to be done by coaching staff or parents (present at the arena) At the end of each activity, pucks should be cleaned, either with a javex/water solution and a cloth, or other disinfectant deemed acceptable.
  • Sticks: Team liaison communicates with parents that they should be cleaned at home, after each practice.
  • Player hockey gear: Team liaison can remind the parents that some equipment should be washed (jerseys, pant shells, mouth guards, socks) after each training session following manufacturers guidelines.
See the Safety and protocols for a Return to Hockey from Hockey Canada for more information. 

Arena Operational Plans

If you receive any operational plan for an arena not listed here, please forward us the document. 

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