Manager Info


  • Cancellations Due to Weather (All Practices and Initiation/Novice Games or Practices for Atom to Midget) : Can be done on the day of  (text or email)
  • All other cancellations (If your team is away etc.): Please cancel 48 hours a-head of time at least. 
  • All other ice booking or switch
  • For games cancellation (Atom to Midget) please refer to the NSMHL Policy

Please contact our scheduler Gaetan McIntyre for any additional information.

Score Sheets

The ORIGINAL (white copy) of the score sheet must be turned in to the Minor Hockey Office for 6 pm on Sunday nights.  When you have a “HOME” game, you are responsible to turn in the white game sheet. (The coloured copy is for the team’s Records).

If you are unable to turn in the white sheet on time-please send in a picture of it with your phone by email or text to Gaetan McIntyre (preferably text).  Original copy must still be turned in as soon as possible.

Failure to send the scoresheet before the deadline will result in a $25 fine payable by the team.

Tournament Cheque Request

When applying for tournaments and require a cheque from the association please fill out our online form. Please plan at least 48 hours wait for any cheque request.

Travel Permit

All teams require a travel permit for all tournament except the home one and for any games that are not in the NSMHL Schedule (Atom to Midget). To obtain one, please find that they are available online on the HNB e-account (see HNB website) for any questions please contact Jillian Labillois.

Vulnerable sector check letter

Print this letter and bring it to the local RCMP office to get the vulnerable sector check process started.