Team Managers

Roles and Responsibilities

For any questions related to manager roles and responsibilities, please contact our Manager Mentor.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities listed below, it is important that you communicate regularly with parents and remember that you must make sure the dressing rooms are left in good and clean condition after each game.


  • Cancellations Due to Weather (All Practices and U7/U9 Games or Practices for U11 to U18) : Can be done on the day of, preferably by text or by email
  • All other cancellations (If your team is away etc.): Please cancel as soon as possible, at least 48 hours in advance.  If at all possible before the request cut off day, that is Wednesday of each week, for the following week.
  • All other ice booking : as soon as possible, at least 48 hours in advance.  If at all possible before the request cut off day, that is Wednesday of each week, for the following week
  • Ice switch : communicate with the team you want to switch with by email, once confirmed, please forward the email to our Scheduler
  • For games cancellation (U11 to U18) please become familiar with the official NSMHL Policy. Also let our Scheduler know, preferably by text or by email

Please contact our Scheduler for any additional information.

Score Sheets

For HOME games,

The GameSheet Application will be used for scoring home games.  you will be responsible to get your team's roster properly filled and signed, also get the away team's roster properly filled and signed, and get the IPad to the timekeeper.

We will still use paper sheets as a backup.

in that scenario, properly fill in game sheets. After HOME games the ORIGINAL (white copy) must be brought to the minor hockey office either in Campbellton or Dalhousie before 6 pm on Sunday. This sheet can be slid under the door if the office is vacant.  When you have a “HOME” game, you are responsible to turn in the white game sheet. (The colored copy is for the team’s Records).

If you are unable to turn in the white sheet on time-please send in a picture of it with your phone by email or text to our Scheduler (preferably text). Original copy must still be turned in as soon as possible.

Failure to send the scoresheet before the deadline will result in a $25 fine payable by the team.

For AWAY games,

properly fill in the game sheets

Tournament Cheque Request

When applying for tournaments and require a cheque from the association please add a tournament from your team pagePlease plan at least 48 hours wait for any cheque request.

Amount of away tournaments allowed:

  • U7: one tournament
  • U9: two tournaments
  • U11 to U18: three tournaments

Your maximum budget covered by the association is the amount of tournaments allowed times (x) the registration fee of your home tournament.

Bench Staff Information

Please send your bench staff information to our Registrar, Including the complete name and Birthdate of Coach, assistant coaches, manager, trainer, and volunteers. Keep in mind all levels Atom and above need a trainer. If no one has their course, ask for a volunteer to fill this spot and they will have to complete the training course. Coaches and assistant coaches including anyone getting on the ice with (other than volunteers 16 years of  age and under) need to have their coach level 1 and coach level 2. All rostered bench staff also need a vulnerable sector check. The form to apply for this, directly at the RCMP station, is below. If the bench staff is missing courses/forms/checks, it is your responsibility to advise and remind them if necessary.  All courses can be found on the ehockey website

In case of unavailability, parent volunteers (other than manager/trainer) will need to be trained for timekeeping.

Following link has all the certifications needed for the different volunteers and parents

Required Certifications

Travel Permit

All teams require a travel permit for all tournament except the home one and for any games that are not in the NSMHL Schedule (Atom to Midget), Home or Away. To obtain one, please find that they are available online on the HCR website.  go to My Account > Members, and there should be a tab on the far right for travel permits.

Screenshot of travel permits page on HCR


for more information on travel permits, consult section 21 of HNB operation manual

If you have any questions please contact our Manager Mentor.


With your team and in collaboration with the Scheduler, book your ice and your photographer only if this is something your team is interested in.  


The only fundraising you are allowed to do as a team is a 50/50 at your home games and a collection jar (ie; parents collect .25 cents/goal). You are responsible to organize this and delegate to other parents on a schedule of your choice. 

If you are doing a 50/50 or collection jar for your team it is also your responsibility as a manager to keep the parents updated on the teams finances.

Important Websites

Familiarize yourself with the RNMHA, NSMHL, and HNB websites. This is where you will find the links to information you will possibly need throughout your season as a manager, such as The Minimum Standards of Disipline, RNMHA constitution, HNB constitution etc. 

Vulnerable Sector Check and Criminal Record Check

Print this letter and bring it to the local RCMP office to get the Vulnerable Sector Check and Criminal Record Check process started.

Respect in Sports for Hockey Canada parents

Course can be taken here:

If you've already taken the course before, you may need to add child to you profile by following these steps:

  1. Login to the Respect Group Inc. site:
  2. Choose “Profile” from top horizontal menu, then "Child Management” in the Profile page.
  3. Click the “Add Child” button at bottom of page.
  4. Add child’s coordinates and save.

Screenshots are included in the document below.

Medical Information Sheets

Managers are responsible for having a medical information sheet for all players on their team at all times

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