2021 Annual General Meeting

Posted Wednesday, May 5

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held online on May 18th. Several board positions are up for renewal and/or vacant. It's particular important that we fill vacant positions so please consider submitting your nomination so we can have a successful 2021-22 season.

Board Positions

Executive Positions

  • President: up for renewal with one candidate
  • VP of Technical Affairs: up for renewal with one candidate
  • Treasurer: up for renewal with one candidate

Directors Positions

  • Fundraising Director: up for renewal with one nominee
  • Manager Mentor: up for renewal with one nominee 
  • Female Hockey Director: vacant with one nominee
  • Registrar: vacant with one nominee
  • U7-9 Director: vacant with one nominee
  • U11-13 Director: up for renewal with one nominee
  • U15-18 Director: vacant with one nominee
  • Financial Committee Director: up for renewal with one nominee

While anyone can submit their nomination for any of the positions listed, our primary concern is filling the vacant positions without nominees. Contact any board member directly if you are interested or need more information on a particular position. You can also use our contact form.

Terms for board position are for two years and you get a 50% discount for one registration.

Constitutional Amendments

At this moment there are no planned amendments to the constitution. If you have any suggestions please contact a board member directly or use our contact form.

Merci à nos commanditaires

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