Open Board Positions

Posted Wednesday, September 4

Boardroom picture/Photo d'une salle de conférence

We are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions on our board:

  • VP of Operations
  • Initiation/Novice Director
  • Coaching Director

If any of the positions outlined below interest you, please contact us.

Description of board positions

VP of Operations

As outlined in the constitution:

  • The Vice-President of Operations shall assist the President in the dispatch of his duties.
  • He/she shall perform the duties of the President in his absence at which time he shall have all the rights and powers of the President.
  • When acting as President, he shall not vote except to cast a deciding vote.
  • He/she shall be one of the three (3) officers with financial signing authority (the other two (2) being the treasurer and/or President).

Generally, this person will assist the President in all administrative affairs (ie not hockey/technical). Usually has been in charge of discipline for the Association, but this can be subject to change.

Initiation/Novice Director

Will assist the Technical Director in all affairs regarding Initiation/Novice, including:

  • Coaching selections for initiation/novice teams
  • Planning of evaluations and division of initiation/novice teams
  • Coordinate with the scheduler for scheduling games/practices.

Coaching Director

Will assist the Technical Director in all coaching related affairs, including:

  • Assist in making coach selections for each team (in coordination with technical/division director) 
  • Planning of tryouts/evaluations and division of teams
  • Assist and mentor coaches by directing them to appropriate resources