Volunteer of the year 2018-19: Serge Fontaine

Posted Sunday, May 5

Serge Fontaine, volunteer of the year 2018-19, with Marcel LeBlanc, Nathalie Cyr et Roger Hickey

Award presented by Nathalie Cyr, in memory of Claire et Marcel Bosser

For volunteer of the year we would like to salute a first time coach. This person  went above and beyond for his team, taking time to ensure kids got on the ice by picking up hockey bags the night before and then driving those players the next day. His willingness to cooperate with other coaches and address the concerns of parents while still prioritizing the kids' emotional well-being on and off the ice was appreciated. This helped to facilitate a smooth transition for the association during a difficult period.

The 2018-19 volunteer of the year: Serge Fontaine