2020-21 Registrations

We have made some changes to how registration will work this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registration Fees

The registration fees for this year are as follows: 

  • U7 (Initiation): $320
  • U9 (Novice): $425
  • U11 (Atom): $535
  • U13 (Peewee): $585
  • U15 (Bantam): $635
  • U18 (Midget): $685
  • U18 Comp (Midget Comp): $960 

Tryouts for competitive teams are the same as last year and cost an additional $60 to attend. After tryouts end there's a $100 late fee per registration.

Financial Assistance

If you require financial assistance you can apply for programs like KidSport or Jumpstart. Your application should be completed as soon as possible.

Registration Steps (Simplified)

Detailed information below

Detailed Registration Steps

Step 1: Access or Create Your Account

If you had a child registered with minor hockey last year, use the "Forgot Password?" option on the login page. This will send you a one-time login link to your email and you can change your password (check the spam folder if it doesn't show up in your inbox).

If you did not have a child registered with minor hockey last year, create a new account.

Once you've gained access, the login and my account links are always on the bottom right of the site.

If you did not receive an email and you had a child registered last year it's because:

  1. the email address provided was invalid
  2. both parents used the same email
  3. only your spouse/partner or other parent is currently associated with your child's minor hockey account. If this is the case please contact us to rectify the situation but do not create a new account.
Step 2: Fill-out Registration Form

Go to you user profile page (you can click on "My Account" link at the bottom right of the website) and click the "Register Now" Button to fill-out registration.

Please note that once you have filled-out your registration form, you can always see all of your registrations and their current status on your account page.

Note: If you've already complete a registration form but need to add a second child, please contact us.

Step 3: Make payments

The payment options are now listed on a separate page: https://restigouche-hockey.ca/payment-options.

Step 4: Attend Registration Night (optional)

If you have not paid the full amount in Step 3, we'll be posting dates for registration nights towards the end of September on our schedule and our Facebook page.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to avoid as much traffic as possible during registration nights. Please consider using some of the options in Step 3 before attending.

Payment options on registration nights will include:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit
  • Cheque (payable to RNMHA), including up to three post-dated cheques for the following dates
    • September 30th, 2020
    • October 30th, 2020
    • November 30th, 2020

Note: e-Transfers, cash or cheque are our preferred payment options as we lose a small percentage with every credit or debit card transactions.