Arnold Maisey Memorial Tournament


Location: Campbellton
Divisions: U15 Rec / U15 Comp / U18 Rec / U18 Comp
Cost: $750.00
Tournament Chair: Ceilidh Sharpe (Contact)



General Rules

  • No protest will be allowed.
  • If it is found that there is wilful misrepresentation, either in registration or in roster list, the team will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  • It is understood that the Tournament Organizers decline all responsibility concerning injuries, theft, loss of equipment or other damages encountered by tournament participants.
  • Any players found guilty of consuming alcoholic beverages, the use of drugs or offensive language at the arena could result in suspension by the Tournament Committee.
  • Hockey Canada Registry official roster must be carried and available to be shown to the Tournament Committee at any time.

Game Rules

Games will follow Hockey NB/Canada rules except for the following changes:

  • Three (3) periods of 12 minutes stop-time.
  • In the third period, if there’s a difference of five (5) goals or more the time will go to straight-time. Play will go back to straight-time if the difference is reduced to less than five (5) goals by losing team.
  • Not time-outs.
  • The ice surface will be flooded between each game.
  • No decisions made by the referee in charge can be reversed by a member of the organization committee.
  • The home team has priority regarding the jersey colour selection.
  • Teams must be ready to start a game up to 15 minutes early.
  • If a team does not show up for its scheduled game, for any reason (including snowstorms), they will forfeit the game to the other team and a score of 5 to 0 will be given to the game.
  • After the game, the teams will line up on the blue line for the MVP award for each team. Coach from each team will choose the recipient.


  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation, a three man shoot-out will be held to determine a winner.
    • A player serving a penalty at the end of the overtime period will not be eligible to participate in the shoot-out.
    • Goaltender cannot be changed during the shoot-out unless due to injury.
    • Visitor team shoots first.
    • If after the first three shooters, the score is still tied, a sudden death shoot-out (one skater each) shall continue until a winner is determined.
    • All skaters on the players’ bench are required to shoot before a player may shoot for a second time.


Finals will follow the same rules as the Round Robin games except for the following:

  • One time-out per team will be permitted during a game.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the shootout (if needed) will be preceded by a five (5) minutes 3-on-3 sudden-death overtime period.


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